Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweetcake Enso opens at the Village Zendo this Saturday, January 15th!

Maria Wallace, Supercell, oil on canvas, 18x14", 2010

With ten new artists on board, Sweetcake Enso is on exhibit for one day at the Village Zendo this coming Saturday. Sweetcake Enso draws attention to the abstract circle as a symbol of presentness in daily life, and opens out the traditional calligraphy of the Enso to include the work, unlimited by media or training, of contemporary artists involved in strong Buddhist practice. Without motivation to define “Zen Art,” the interest here is in a shift from the monastic practice of Japan to a stronger emphasis upon lay practice in American Zen, and what this means for understanding contemporary art as Zen practice.   From cyclone to stillness, these works are individual offerings to the teachers that are with us now and who have come before.  In this exhibit sales will benefit the Village Zendo, and be met by a matching grant in honor of their 25th anniversary.

Emma Tapley, Water Reflection/Landscape Inversion, C-print, edition of 5

The third Sweetcake Enso exhibit opens Saturday, January 15th at the Village Zendo, 588 Broadway, suite 1108.  Viewing is from 11:00-7:00, followed by a panel discussion from 7:00-900 pm.  Artists in the exhibit are:  

Miya Ando, Sanford Biggers, Ross Bleckner, Sam Clayton, Robyn Ellenbogen, Noah Fischer, Carolyn Fuchs, Max Gimblett, Rodney Alan Greenblat, Gregg Hill, Anne Humanfeld, Phyllis Joyner, Erin Koch, Liz LaBella, Peter Levitt, Timothy Reynolds, Karen Schiff, Fran Shalom, Bridget Spaeth, Emma Tapley, Leslie Wagner, Maria Wallace, Maggie Wells and Michael Wenger.

Please join us at 7:00 pm for a lively discussion of how Buddhist practice inspires and informs contemporary art.  Panelists include:

Max Gimblett, artist teacher and lecturer
Emma Tapley, artist
Rodney Greenblat, artist
Robyn Ellenbogen, artist and art editor of Zen Monster
Catherine Spaeth, art historian and curator
Ross Bleckner, Four Locations, color spitbyte aquatint with chine colle, 39x30" 2007

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