Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweetcake Enso at Butsugenji, Eugene Oregon, this Saturday June 4th

Tina Soen Schrager, Impermanence, mixed media: ink, papers, red bark dogwood, copper wire, 26x20"

Coming down from the walls of the San Francisco Zen Center and up on the walls of Butsugenji this Saturday, June 4th, Sweetcake Enso continues its pilgrimage.  As the show moves from place to place the intersangha dialogue is also becoming more expansive and clear.  From Butsugenji here are two works, each of them drawing upon the sutra as the ground for practice.  Above is a mixed media piece by the Butsugenji coordinator of the exhibit, Tina Soen Schrager - the Heart Sutra seems to end at the point of consciousness, making space for a sliver of clear orange color in accord with the divining rod beside it.  Chris Hoge's Gardens and Groves, Palaces and Pavilions, refers to  Chapter Sixteen of The Lotus Sutra, "The Life Span of the Thus Come One."  Expedient means are qualified by impermanence and loss, yet even so the Three Jewels live on.

Come join us for ensos and fresh, home-made donuts at 2190 Garfield from 5:30 to 9:00!  Proceeds of sales will benefit the Butsugenji Zendo.  At 6:00 local artists will begin to talk about their work on view as an expression of their Buddhist practice. 

Chris Hoge, Gardens and Groves, Palaces and Pavilions, photograph on washi paper, 16x20"

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all Beautiful works. thank you for organizing and sharing this wonderful project. In peace,