Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sweetcake Enso Exhibit at the Rochester Zen Center, Friday and Saturday October 14th and 15th

Terryn Maybeck

The Rochester Zen Center is pleased to present the eighth Sweetcake Enso exhibit, adding five sangha artists.  Terryn Maybeck's felted wool ensos bond interlocking fibers in all directions, Gretchen Targee's one-stroke brush painting expands the moment in movement and stillness, Amaury Cruz pays a Zen tribute to Andy Warhol, and James Hatley's and Rosette Schureman's photographs dwell on the passing moments of daily life.  

In honor of the teacher student relationship all sales will benefit the Rochester Zen Center.   

Please join us for the opening on Friday the 14th from 5:00-9:00, and for viewing on Saturday, October 15th from 1:00-5:00.

Artists in the current Sweetcake Enso exhibit are: Miya Ando, Ross Bleckner, Alison Shin’ei Brown, Nonin Chowaney, Amaury Cruz, Noah Fischer, Todd Gilens, Max Gimblett, James Hatley, Gregg Hill, Theresa Lahaie, Genine Lentine, Ki-chung Eiko Liz Lizee, Terryn Maybeck, Karen Schiff, Tina Soen Schrager, Rosette Schureman, Fran Shalom, Bridget Spaeth, Gretchen Targee, Maria Wallace, Alison Watkins, Timothy Wicks, and Michael Wenger.

Rosette Schureman

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